The customs of marriage in Spain

Encontrar una Esposa when it comes to wedding ceremonies and celebrations, Spain’s fusion of cultures has produced a rich tapestry of customs. Spanish people are now more receptive to unorthodox and non-religious ceremonies, but they frequently still adhere to some of the more traditional elements of their weddings.

The absence of girls and guys at a Spanish bridal is one of the first points you’ll see. Typically, padrinos, who act as the bride and groom’s godparent, attend the wedding. The child’s protectors are responsible for preventing them from seeing one another before the marriage. Typically, the princess’s padrino is her parents, and the groom is his mother.

As the pair leaves for the reception, it is customary for guests to throw corn and flowers(typically textile rose blossoms) at them after the service. This represents the gift of a happy wedding and the brides’ great fortune.

You will probably get asked to help yourself to a sizable plate of paella during the reception, which is traditionally served with fish(typically guitar or prawn) mixed with rice and vegetables. A dish of beef or beef steaks may also be provided for you.

In some households, the couple’s papa will accompany his child as the bride is led down the aisle by her family. Some brides opt to wear black dresses as a nod to tradition and to symbolize their responsibility to one another until death do them part. The bride typically wears bright dresses.

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